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Book Description

The Acts of the Apostles, W. Robertson Nicoll, ed., The Expositor's Bible
Publication Year:
Hodder & Stoughton
Acts of the Apostles, Commentary, New Testament
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. The Origin and Authority of the Acts of the Apostles
  2. The Conversations of the Great Forty Days
  3. The Ascension of Christ, and its Lessons
  4. The Election of Matthias
  5. The Pentecostal Blessing
  6. St. Peter's First Sermon
  7. The Firstfruits of Pentecost
  8. First Recorded Miracles and First Persecution
  9. The First Persecution
  10. THe Community of Goods
  11. Honest and Pretence in the Primitive Church
  12. Gameliel and His Prident Advice
  13. Primitive Dissensions and Apostolic Precautions
  14. St. Stephen and the Evolution of the Christian Ministry
  15. St. Stephen's Defence and the Doctrine of Inspiration
  16. The First Christian Martyrdom
  17. Simon Magus and the Conversion of Samaria
  18. The Apostles and Confirmation
  19. St. Peter and Simon Magus
  20. Evangelistic Work in the Philistine's Land
  • Index

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