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Book Description

The Message of Hosea
Publication Year:
Hosea, Commentary, Old Testament
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Table of Contents

  1. The Messenger
    1. Hosea and His Message
    2. The Problem of the First Three Chapters
    3. An Alternative Solution
  2. The Message
    1. Translation of the Message
      1. Condemnation of the Priesthood (ch. iv.)
      2. Condemnation of the Whole Nation, (ch. v., vi. 1-11a)
      3. National Confusion and Rejection (ch. vi. 11b-viii, 10)
      4. Condemnation of Sacrifices (ch. viii. 11-ix. 9)
      5. A Special Sin and its Penalty (ch, ix. 10-end)
      6. The Threat of Invasion (ch. x.)
      7. A Song of the Covenant (ch. xi. 1-11)
      8. Sin and Punishment (ch, xi. 12 and xii.)
      9. The Doom of Samaria (ch, xiii.)
      10. A Final Appeal (ch. xiv.)
    2. The Authenticity of the Fourteenth Chapter
    3. The Evidence of Later Prophecy
    4. The Message of Hosea
  3. Critical Appendix
    1. Principles of Critcism
    2. Revision of the Hebrew Text