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Oxford: The Whitley Trust / Prague: International Baptist Seminary, 2007. ISB: 80870064046. Pbk. pp.130.

Reproduced by permission of the Whitley Trust

John Weaver & Margot R. Hodson, eds., The Place of Environmental Theology. A guide for seminaries, colleges and universities

Table of Contents

  • Preface - Ruth Coneay & Keith G. Jones
  • Participants
  • Introduction: Scopes and Aims - John Weaver
  • Creation Care and the Church: the call to a sustainable lifestyle - Graham W. Ashworth
  • Teaching Envirmental Theology - John Weaver
  • Examples of Practice
    A Roche - Pavel Svetlik & Dave Bookless
    Orthodox Academy, Vilémov - Roman Juriga
    ECEN - Peter Pavlovic
    Eco-congregation - John Biggs
    The John Ray Initiative - Martin J. Hodson
    Christian Aid - Paula Clifford
    Tearfund - Rachel Roach
    IBTS - Line Andronoviené & Petra Veselá
  • Integrating Environmental Perpsectives into the Theological Curriculum - Margot R. Hodson
    Doctrine and Bible - facilitator, John Weaver
    Ethics - facilitator, Chris Walton
    Missions - facilitator, Martin Conway
    Worship - facilitator, Lina Andronoviené
    Concluding the workshop and presenting a future vision
  • Environmental Theology Courses in Europe - Where are we now? - Martin J. Hodson
  • Concluding Remarks: The Environment in Theological Education
  • Web Resources
  • Bibliography
  • Further Reading

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