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Book Description

Prophecy & Religion. Studies in the Life of Jeremiah
Publication Year:
Cambridge University Press
Old Testament, Prophecy, Jeremiah
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. Introductory—The Place of Prophecy in the Religion of Israel
  2. Predestination and Vocation
  3. The Northern Peril
  4. The Two Religions of Israel
  5. The Call to National Repentance
  6. Jeremiah and Deuteronomy
  7. In the Wake of Reform
  8. The Prophet as Moral Analyst
  9. Unreal Worship—Temple and Sacrifice
  10. Prophetic Inspiration
  11. Individual ReligionThe Inner Life of Jeremiah
  12. The New Foe from the North
  13. The Way of Life and the Way of Death
  14. With the Remnant at Mizpah
  15. The Future of Religion: I. The Letter to the Exiles
  16. The Future of Religion: II. The Restoration of Israel
  17. The Future of Religion: III. Ther Messianic King
  18. The Future of Religion: IV. The New Covenant
  19. Last Days of Jeremiah
  • List of Scriptural Passages
  • Index