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The Paternoster Press, 1976. Pbk. ISBN: 0 85364 1900. pp.136.
[Reproduced by kind permission of the publisher.]

The period between the Fall of Jerusalem and the birth of Christ is of great interest and importance for the story of Israel and the development of Judaism. During these centuries the kingdoms of Judah and Israel were transformed into a community based upon obedience to the Law of Moses. The Sadducees, Pharisees and Essenes (associated with the Dead Sea Scrolls) came into existence. Persia, Greece and finally Rome domonated the Chosen People. The Maccabean priest-kings aroused nationalistic hopes, only to be displaced by the family of Herod.

Yet most Christians know little about this period and their insight into the New Testament suffers as a result. Not only students, but all who wish to understand the Bible, will be helped by this book.

[From the back cover.]


1. The Importance of the Inter-Testamental Period
2. The Spiritual Effects of the Babylonian Exile
3. The Return from Exile
4. The Rebuilding of the Temple
5. The Work of Haggai and Zechariah
6. From Zerubbabel to Ezra and Nehemiah

Additional Note: The Relationship of Ezra to Nehemiah

8. Ezra
9. The Jews in the Persian Dispersion
10. Judea in the Late Persian Period
11. The Coming of the Greeks
12. Hellenism Comes to Jerusalem
13. Growing Tensions
14. The Slide to Ruin
Additional Note: The Synagogue
15. The Long Shadow of Rome
16. The Jewish Dispersion
17. Herod the Great
Additional Note: The Religious Position at the Death of Herod
18. Ichabod
  Genealogical Tables
  General Index
  Index of References

You can download the individual sections of the book (links above) or the entire book as one file HERE.

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