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The Paternoster Press, 1956. Pbk. ISBN: 0 85364 007 6. pp.144.
[Reproduced by kind permission of the Publisher.]Ellison: Ezekiel

The forty-eight chapters of the prophecy of Ezekiel constitute one of the most considerable portions of the Old Testament, yet it is safe to say that they are also among the least understood. Yet their striking imagery and evident deep spiritual import have attracted thoughtful Bible readers in all ages since they were first penned. Consequently any work which opens the meaning and teaching of this important prophecy to the ordinary reader meets a very real need.

The present work has been highly and widely commended for the quite remarkable insight it shows into the prophet's mind and message. Mr. Ellison's background makes him peculiarly fitted to expound Old Testament prophecy-as his Men Spake From God has already shown - and this completely fresh expository and devotional study of Ezekiel, written in non-technical language, yet with true scholarship, will both inform the mind and challenge the heart.

[From the fly-leaf]


List of Abbreviations
The Structure of Ezekiel
Chronological Outline
1. The Man and His Times (Ch.1:1-3)
2. The Vision of God (Ch. 1:4 - 2:2
3. God's Servant (Ch. 2:3 - 3:21)
4. The First Prophecies (Ch. 3:22 - 7:27)
5. Ichabod (Ch. 8:1 - 11:25)
6. Woe to the Prophets (Ch. 12:1 - 15:8)
7. Jerusalem,Queen and Harlot (Ch. 16:1 - 17:24)
8. God and the Individual (Ch. 18:1 18:14)
9. The Failure of Israel (Ch. 20:1-44)
10. The Bloody City (Ch. 20:45 - 23:49)
11. The Midnight Hour (ch. 24:1-27)
12. The Prophecies Against the Nations (Ch. 25:1 - 32:32)
13. Prophecies of Restoration (Ch. 33:1 - 39:29)
14. The Lord is There (Ch. 40:1 - 48:35)

You can download the individual sections of the book (links above) or the entire book as one file HERE.
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