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The Paternoster Press, 1978. Pbk. ISBN: 0 85364 220 6. pp.128.
[Reproduced by kind permission of the publisher.]

Ellison: Fathers of the CovenantMost Christians can't make much sense of the Old Testament. For many, it seems irrelevant... primitive... sub-Christian. Others down-grade it by treating it as if it were no more than New Testament theology simplified and written in a special code. Of those who genuinely try to grapple with the monstrous academic apparatus of source-criticism, form-criticism, anthropology, comparative religion and the rest - most give up in despair.

These twelve studies, ranging from Eden to Sinai, show concretely how to interpret a difficult part of the Bible. While H.L. Ellison's teaching of the Old Testament has involved him in technical questions of various kinds, his special and pleasure has always been the discovery, not simple of the linguistic meaning of the Old Testament but above all its spiritual message and its revelation of God's will and character. These studies, eleven of which first appeared in The Hebrew Christian, exemplify the author's characteristic biblical insight, searching spirituality and bracing commonsense.

[From the back cover]


1. Creation (Gen. 1:1-2:3)
2. Man's Nature and Fall (Gen. 2, 3)
3. Abram the Hebrew (Gen. 12)
4. Abraham and Lot (Gen. 13, 18)
5. The Binding of Isaac (Gen. 22)
6. "Isaac Trembled Exceedingly" (Gen. 22)
7. Beth-el and Peni-el (Gen. 28, 32)
8. Joseph and his Brothers (Gen. 45, 50)
9. The Burning Bush (Ecod. 3)
10. The Crossing of the ed Sea (Exod. 14)
11. The Mount of the Law (Exod. 19, 20)
12. The Character of God (Exod. 14)

You can download the individual sections of the book (links above) or the entire book as one file HERE.

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