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Book Description

The Books of Chronicles, W. Robertson Nicoll, ed., The Expositor's Bible
Publication Year:
Hodder & Stoughton
424 + 372
Jeremiah, Commentary, Old Testament
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Table of Contents, Volume 1

  • Prelimenary Sketch of the Life and Times of Jeremiah
  1. The Call and Consecration
  2. The Trust in the Shadow of Egypt
  3. Israel and Judah—A Contrast
  4. The Scythians as a Scourge of God
  5. Popular and True Religion
  6. The Idols of the Heathen and the God of Israel
  7. The Broken Covenant
  8. The Fall of Pride
  9. The Drought and It Moral Implications
  10. The Sabbath—A Warning
  11. The Divine Potter
  12. The Broken Vessel—A Symbol of Judgment
  13. Jeremiah Under Persecution

Table of Contents, Volume 2

  • Preface
  • Index of Chapters
  • Chronological Table
  1. Introductory: Jehoahaz
  2. A Trial for Heresy
  3. THe Roll
  4. The Rechabites
  5. Baruch
  6. The Judgment of Jehoiakim
  7. Jehoiachin
  8. Bad Shepherds and False Prophets
  9. Hananiah
  10. Correspondence with the Exiles
  11. A Broken Covanant
  12. Jeremiah's Imprisonment
  13. Gedeliah
  14. The Descent into Egypt
  15. The Queen of Heaven
  16. Jehovah and the Nations
  17. Egypt
  18. The Philistines
  19. Moab
  20. Ammon
  21. Edom
  22. Damascus
  23. Kedar and Hazor
  24. Elam
  25. Babylon
  26. Introductory
  27. Social and Religious Corruption
  28. Persistent Apostasy
  29. Ruin
  30. Restoration—I. The Symbol
  31. Restoration—II. The New Israel
  32. Restoration—III. Reunion
  33. Restoration—IV. The New Covenant
  34. Restoration—V. Review
  35. Jeremiah and Christ

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